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Asian Paints Apex Ultima

Alternate text Asian Paints Apex Ultima Advanced Anti Algal Weather Proof Emulsion is a water-based,modified acrylic, anti algal, high performance exterior wall finish. It incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide long-lasting exterior performance even in the most extreme tropical conditions of india. Its unique advanced anti algal chemistry ensures that exterior walls are provided with power-packed resistance aganist algae and fungi growth. Its has very good dirt pick up resistance and dirt cleaning properties

Asian Paints Apex

Alternate text Apex Weatherproof Exterior Emulsion is a water-based 100% acrylic, exterior wall finish. A high performance, long-lasting exterior paint specially formulated to withstand extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity and heat, Apex provides excellent resistance against the growth of algae and fungi on the walls. It offers excellent protection against alkali and UV degradation too.

Asian Paints Duracast Fine Tex

Alternate text Asian Paints Duracast Fine Tex is a 100% acrylicd water based exterior productspecially designed as an intermediate coating.It facilitates excellent adhesion of subsequent coats .Its unique texture pattern has distinctive appeal. 1.Asian Paint Duracast Fine Tex is a rollable product which will provide opacity in single coat without any sagging 2.It serves as an undercoat which will not only provide protection but also decor for a variety of exterior & interior surfaces 3.It promotes adhesion of subsequent coats 3.It hides surface undulation & fine cracks

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